An escapist by nature, I seek relief from everyday realities. It isn't clear what I'm looking for; it's more like a feeling I can't shake, a restless urge to know and experience more.  


From city life to the mountains, jungles, and beaches that seduce me, I've travelled to over 70 countries. Each one leads me on a more adventurous and spiritual path, intended to cultivate the creativity within.


As I explore, I disappear into the landscapes and form a part of the story. I seek adventures such as kite surfing in Borocay or Muay Thai in Phuket. Having jumped off cliffs into oceans even though I don't know how to swim, I can tell you of the balancing on the fine line of ego and purpose. I've climbed mountains, only to reach the top and discover there were even higher ones to climb. 


Raw With Love is inspired by my own escape from the ordinary. This is a platform for attracting the people, places, and brands that progressively create and are not afraid to rewrite the rules.  This is a place for authentic storytelling aimed to incite intrigue. 


What do we share in common? 

Where does our curiosity lie? 

How can we highlight our differences?


A part of me is always seeking to understand; to share my own knowledge and learn from others. If you would like to contribute, collaborate, or tell us a story, contact us at


Jennifer Pamela Sevilla



Raw With Love is a platform dedicated to the creatives, storytellers, and brands that inspire us; sharing what we have in common while highlighting our differences.


Love: The one thing we all have in common. Our relationships, heartbreaks, and - most importantly -self-love. It's raw, and it's relatable.

Travel: Where we've gone, what we saw, where we stayed, and what we ate. Expect to escape the ordinary.


Beauty: Forget the unrealistic ideals of beauty and skincare. Showcasing our uniqueness with the help of our favourite Clean brands. Men won't be left behind, we have the tips for you too.

Wellness: From mind, body, and soul; investing in our health never felt so good. 


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