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Updated: Jan 5

Chakra meditation stones purchased in Sedona

How an Energy Vortex, Celestial Words, and an Uprising kept us united in 2020

Earlier this year a group of open-minded childhood friends went on a spiritual retreat to the sacred red rock mountains of Sedona. People travel from across the globe to experience the mysterious cosmic energy that is said to flow from the rock formations. Known as the Energy Vortex, it is an intense concentration of swirling energy found in few locations in the world- conducive to healing, meditation and


The first week of this new year brought many challenges. My career was at a standstill with fear keeping me from taking any significant steps forward. Worn out and energy depleted, my friends and I were experiencing similar situations; we needed clarity. 

We met with energy healer Vishali Shahin, an author and founder of Sedona Healing Journey, who offers private spiritual vortex tours. Whether in need of physical or emotional healing, she claimed to assist in reawakening our connections through meditation and claiming this powerful energy that lives within. 

The journey to clarity brought us to Rachell's Knoll, named after an environmentalist who was so inspired by the land's beauty that she purchased it, so it may never be developed and remain available to the world. On top of the summit, surrounded by majestic red mountains and canyons that appeared so colossal; we were but a grain of sand in comparison. The energy healer asked us to close our eyes and breath, take in the energy which was in abundance, then open our eyes and say the first word that came to mind. 

Rachell's Knoll

We were in a meditative state and as we focused on our breath, all the white noise in our minds disappeared; pure energy flowed. When we finally spoke, my word was Power for I could find no other word to describe the magnitude and strength of what I felt. My friend's words were Peaceful and Stillness

"The words you have chosen is what lives within you, its what you've suppressed, and the time has come to bring it out," she said. 

As the mind-blowing mediation and tour came to an end, we hugged and cried. There haven't been many occasions in my life that I've felt so awe-inspired, the "aha moments" when everything stops, and you recognise something profound is occurring. This encounter was one of those moments. 

We returned to our cosy cottage and worked on vision boards, goals for the year, and spent the rest of the week journaling or hiking through local energy vortexes. As the trip came to an end, I felt prepared to take on new challenges. Unaware this year would throw us the most significant shock to come. 

Vision Board for Raw With Love

They say to prepare for the worst, but when it arrives, you realise just how impossible that is. COVID- 19 was never a possible risk we could envision, yet it arrived and attacked swiftly. The decisions we once thought we controlled, such as our careers were no longer in our reach. Two out of three of us found ourselves out of work while one fought passionately to keep her business alive.

As we struggled to come to terms with the new normal, a horrific crime in Minneapolis would light the world on fire. The tragic death of George Floyd would impact millions around the globe. The phrase Black Lives Matter, and Enough is Enough would unite us in a common fight against systemic racism.

Throughout these challenging times, we have relied heavily on our pandemic partnerships. The people who empathised with our distress when we lost our jobs. The ones that cried with us as we poured out feelings of anguish and outrage towards institutions that were created to protect and serve. We supported each other all while remaining socially distanced due to the ongoing spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

In a recent group chat with my girlfriends, we revisited the trip to Sedona and how it eerily prepared us for this battle. The power that is needed to keep self-doubt at bay and take on new challenges. The peacefulness required when frustrations and anxiety threaten to take over our lives. The stillness essential for mental clarity as we face our greatest shadows and biggest fears.

This year, although only halfway completed, has prepared us to expect the unexpected. As we continue to move forward with the help of our pandemic partners, the lessons learned in Sedona remain prevalent. We can combat this together through Power, Stillness, and Peace. 

My Pandemic Partners :)

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