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As the realisation of a lockdown began to set in, many single people found themselves forced into self-isolation. The bars and restaurants we frequented were closed, and the chance of casually meeting someone in the produce aisle, both reaching for the same Hass avocado was unlikely. With social distancing in place, was the possibility of romance over?

Having returned from a 4-week Muay Thai boxing camp, I was tanned, toned, and ready to mingle; until Covid-19 stopped me in my tracks. It was a new world, energy levels were low, and anxiety was high. After several intensive Zoom, Hang out, and Facetime chats, I knew all I wanted to know about my family and friends. I had binge-watched Tiger King and still didn't know what happened to Carole Baskin's husband.

The pandemic had brought many surprises but none as exciting as the prospect of a Qbae. Qbae or Quarantine Bae is the person whom you get into a "qbae-tionship" with for the duration of the lockdown. This person may be an ex, a friend turned into more, or in my case, a stranger I met off a dating site.

Internet dating is awful. Having to sit across a stranger as you psychoanalyse each other and exchange previous relationship stories; it's the equivalent of falling onto a bed of cactus. Knowing how excruciatingly dull they are, you can only imagine the depths of my solitude when I decided to join again. My goal was to find someone new and interesting to talk to, good morning texts, and perhaps a face-time here and there when my loved ones weren't available.

Enters Qbae into the chat.

We met over a socially distanced workout in the park and have been inseparable since. Under these difficult circumstances, we should have never met, but there was undeniable chemistry and shared interest. We both knew we wanted to utilise this time to better ourselves.

When we aren't working on our personal goals, Qbae is teaching me mobility fitness, and I have enlightened him on the importance of a skincare routine. We enjoy listening to music, and he entertains my awful jokes. He's even dealt with my OCD like a champ although he's never let me win at Monopoly.

It's safe to say I haven't always been the luckiest in relationships. Those of you who read "A Love Story" will know I took a severe blow to the chest and somehow made it out of the trenches a better version of myself. With relationships on the back-burner; is qbae-tionships the way to go?

As we approach two months of lockdown and the regulations begin to ease, I wonder what will become of this Qbae-tionship. Do we high-five a job well done and return to our lives of the past? Or As Qbae and I say, let us take it week by week with automatic renewal if we do both decide so.

Rules of a Qbae-tionship

Do support each other

Do respect boundaries

Do give each other plenty of space

Don't impose your ideals

Don't have future expectations

Don't forget to have fun

Have a Qbae story? We would love to hear it! info@rawwithlove.com


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